The supreme art of demystifying self through the guided techniques of HATHA YOGA as described in NATHA Tradition and SECRET TANTRA MEDITATION techniques based on ancient KASHMIR SHIVISM.

The course is fitted especially for keen seekers who already have some experience (Masters in yoga or TTC) in the yogic field as well as for very beginners who want to enter in yogic tradition with complete understanding.

The curriculum is designed completely to enter the higher practice of yoga beyond Asana, Pranayam, Bandha, Nadi, Chakra, Kundalini etc.

This 30 days (45 days - advanced level) certificate course will not only give you an opportunity to learn and experience but also teach, so that you excel your teaching skills professionally to teach in India or abroad.

* 3 days, 1 week retreat starting every Monday

* 30 days and 45 days courses starting on Septemeber 12th 2022.

Course fees:

• 1day = 25 USD (₹2000) 2 person sharing

32 USD (₹2500) private room

• 7days = 177 USD (₹14000) 2 person sharing

220 USD (₹17500) private room

• 30days = 1150 USD (₹90850) 2 person sharing

1300 USD (₹102700) private room

• 45days = 1750 USD (₹138250) 2 person sharing

1900 USD (₹150100) private room

(Inc. of meals & accommodation)

Schedule for 30 & 45 days course

5:30am = morning prayer

5:45am = herbal drink

6:00am = mantra chanting, pranayam

7:00am = yogic sathkarma

7:30am = yog asana practice

9:30am = herbal drink, breakfast

10:30am = karma yoga

12:00am = yog philosophy

1:00am = lunch -REST

2:30pm = meditation

3:30pm = lecture on yogic text

4:30pm = silent walk in nature

5:30pm= yog asana practice

7:30pm = dinner -SILENT WALK

8:30pm = evening Pooja, kirtan

9:00pm = pranayam, meditation

10:00pm= rest in silent

PLEASE NOTE: Daily schedule is subject to change on teacher’s discretion. -Sunday will be off day-


Maunvan - silent forest, the most supportive and loving environment for your learnings.

For more info:

Whatsapp: +919761458768