200 Hours 


Come to learn and gain yogic tools and knowledge from Dr.Yogi Vijay Rayal, a traditional Hatha Yoga master with over 20 years of experience immersed in the life of the Ashram. 

Part of the yoga practice is the nature that surrounds us and the clean and clear air that we breath. Here you will be able to connect with mother earth, yourself and get into a deep practice, studying in a natural environment far from the noise and the crowd of the city. What makes this place precious is that not only it is located only 40 minutes from Rishikesh with Himalayan scenaries held by important Shiva temples in  Hinduism tradition, but you also wake up to singing birds, walk up to the incredible banyan tree and enjoy the sound of silence. 

In this training you will build a steady  and healthy routine that has the power to change your habits and expand your awareness of the physical, emotional and mental body.

This is a transformational offer where you will learn how to share the ancient wisdom of  yoga with confidence and in the most authentic way thanks to Guruji very unique guidance. 

The program

*The course is taught in English

Dates of available courses 

10/4/2023 - 10/5/2023

15/5/2023 - 14/6/2023

4/9/2023 - 5/10/2023

9/10/2023 - 8/11/2023

13/11/2023 - 13/12/2023

18/12/2023 - 17/1/2024

22/1/2024 - 21/2/2024

26/2/2024 - 27/3/2024

1/4/2024 - 30/4/2024

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Daily schedule

7:00 AM – Mantra Chanting, Shuddhi Kriya (Purification Techniques)

8:00 AM – Yoga Asana Practice

10:30 AM – Breakfast

11:30 AM – Lecture on anatomy 

1:00 PM – Lunch 

                   Rest & self study in silence

3:30 PM – Lecture on Yoga Philosophy

4:30 PM – Herbal tea, Karma Yoga 

5:30 PM – Yoga Asana Practice

7:15 PM – Pranayama / Mantra Chanting / Meditation

8:30 PM – Dinner

9:00 PM – Sitting by the Fire/ Satsang

10:30 PM – Resting Time

The prices of the course are according to accommodations type:

3 bed sharing room - 950$ 

2 bed sharing room - 1100$

Private room - 1300$

(The prices are per person)

The prices includes 3 meals per day 

*Pictures of the rooms are in our home page 

For more information or questions feel free to write us a message on WhatsApp